Monday, 21 August 2017

The Beginning (sort of)

So my partner Logan and I have known for a week that we are expecting a child. I peed on a stick last Monday and we watched it together - Logan (completely innocently) saw the first line come up strong and bright and said "okay that's the control line" and I, with a slight tremble in my voice, said "no, it's not."
I peed on two more sticks just to be sure, you know. They all seemed to agree with each other.

We have been attempting to conceive via sperm donation for about 10 months, although we have had pretty limited opportunities during that time so you can't really say it took us that long. In reality, we've conceived very quickly with our at-home, jar and syringe method. Quicker than many heterosexual couples having "normal" intercourse!

We are understandably excited about this. I feel like I have a journey to share, not so much because of our method of conceiving and our same-sex status (though this is obviously pretty relevant!) but because I'm raw vegan and have been for some 11 years now. Once you've been living your life in any particular way for such a long time it stops being a big deal at all, even though it isn't any less bizarre to other people. My family and friends are used to the fact that I don't consume any animal products and don't cook my food. But new people I meet are still confused by this ( nearly 2 years at my current job and I often hear "wait... you don't eat PASTA!?")
I plan to maintain my raw vegan lifestyle throughout my pregnancy and child-rearing and feel that it could be useful to share this. I'm not an overly shy or private person when it comes to most things and especially my body so be prepared ahead of time for me to be open and possibly graphic.

At present I'm around 6.5 weeks along. I have extremely swollen and tender breasts and have been experiencing a little bit of indigestion but no nausea or vomiting. Today I have had some spotting of dark coloured blood, which is a little startling. The internet assures me that many pregnant people experience this and go on to have normal, healthy pregnancies so I'm not super concerned. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with the gp for some blood tests and things so in the mean time I'm hoping it doesn't increase and staying chill about things.
It is still incredibly surreal to think there is a tiny human (currently the size of a lentil!) growing inside me. I just hope it keeps growing and doing it's thing!!